St Andrew’s Vision

Rev. James Alexander

In a word: Jesus centredness: that is, we wish to set Jesus at the centre of all that we do, because we recognise that from Jesus alone comes Life.

The aim of our church is to introduce people to Jesus, and then help them to explore their relationship with Him.

This is accomplished by joining in with the rest of us in various house groups, courses and activities. We encourage people to discover their ministries and develop them, thus becoming filled with the Holy Spirit.

Through the study of the Bible, which is God’s Word, we aim to encourage one another increasingly to put our trust in Jesus, so that we may live in the good that He has won for us on the Cross and to share this life with the wider community.

Worship is a central emphasis in all our services, as also is the Word. A sense of Jesus’ presence fills all our meetings and a spirit of holy love is a characteristic of our fellowship.

All this must be and is undergirded by prayer, which we believe is the engine room of all that happens and the main reason why there is “Life” in our church.