Uganda Mission

Peter and Ruth Manwell, members of St. Andrew’s Church, moved to Kitala near Entebbe, Click for map. in May 2011.

St. Andrew’s is supporting them and their children Samuel, David & Naomi in their mission work at Project Cherish Clinic and Secondary School In Kitala.

Ruth, who is a nurse, does voluntary work with HIV patients at the clinic.

Equipment and medicines have been supplied to assist with the work.

Peter is teaching science and mathematics at Cherish Secondary School for children with HIV. He is also helping the school to move from American high school teaching to the Ugandan national curriculum with the aim of getting accreditation to enter students for Ugandan exams.

Both missionaries are working with Gideons International, by distributing Gideon Bibles, mostly to schools in their area of Uganda.


Project Cherish,Click for Web Site a Christian orpanage, school and clinc looking after and treating children with HIV

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Latest Project Video, Click to see the up to date news

Peter also preaches in the local church and is on their building committee which oversees the building of a new church after the old one was demolished to make way for the new Entebbe to Kampala road.

In 2016 Peter graduated after four years of study with Andrew Wommack Ministries at their Charis Bible College. Peter is now studying in their third year leadership program at Kampala and volunteering on Fridays to help in administration.


St. Andrew’s continues to support Peter and Ruth in the missionary service that the Lord has called them to do in Uganda. May the light of Christ shine through them as they share about the Kingdom of God.