St. Andrew's Projects in Iringa Tanzania started in 1998 with a 4 months CMS interchange visit from Rev. Canon Laurent Mwaja, Vicar of St. Philip's parish in Iringa. Their congregation was meeting in a classroom at the Amani Bible College. St. Andrew's helped to build St. Philip's church and also the vicarage. In 2016, with the help of a water engineer from Emmanuel International,, St. Andrew's funded the installation of water catchment & storage tanks on the church.

Rev. Canon Laurent Mwaja who is now Vicar General, (deputy to Bishop Joseph Mgomi) is our first and main link contact in the Iringa region.

Since 2012, we have a second link church, Mangawe Parish, where a Maasai Pastor Moses Lektasho & 2 Evangelists are in charge of 5 congregations in rural areas, one of which is Maasai. St. Andrew's has assisted with food aid for the poor parishioners and is helping to replace the main church, made of mud, with a brick building.

The diocesan pastors need to supplement their income by subsistance farming.To help in growing more crops to prevent food shortage, St. Andrew's sent finance for a farmers loan fund and, through Afrinspire, an agricultural expert to teach better farming methods and sustainable crop techniques.

The Amani Christian Training College in Iringa, where Rev. Jackson Mwidowe is the director, trains Pastors & Evangelists in its Bible College to help solve the great shortage of Christian leaders in Tanzania. Since 2011, St. Andrew's sponsors 3 Pastors for the 3 years of their studies and also Evangelists in their 1 year course.

In the Amani College Trade School, some of Iringa's older street children and orphans receive "Training for Life": a 3-Year trade course with instruction in Christianity; 4 are sponsored in 2017 in either carpentry, computing or tailoring. Many go on to establish self-supporting Christian families. Through Afrinspire, St. Andrew's has sent computers, books and tools, via TWAM, to Amani CTC and contributes for the salaries of college staff.

Amani Staff, Director Front Left Trainee Pastors & Evangelists Carpentry & Sewing Classes

Since 2012, after a visit by Rev. Noel Chilewa, vicar of St. Luke's church in Iringa town, we have a further link with this parish. Here St. Andrew's has supported work to the vicarage, the provision of church latrines and the renovation of church houses for the poor.

Support is given to Neema Crafts, in Iringa, where 130 disabled employeers plus outworkers and 150 disabled children receive physiotherapy and hear the Gospel. CMS missionary Miriam Knowles is in charge of the physiotherapy department.

Neema Crafts Physiotherapy Video, Click to see "Neema" (Grace) taking her very first steps

Support began in 2009 after a visit to our brothers and sisters in Iringa from a member of our congregation. St. Andrew's gives aid to the Physiotherapy Unit for its treatment of children at Neema Crafts and in the surrounding villages, bringing the love of Jesus to the disabled, truly the poorest of the poor who have no other means of help.

We are amazed and rejoice at the way that through prayer, carefully directed giving and loving co-operation with Christians in Iringa, Tanzania, the Lord is using this partnership to achieve so much for the building of His Kingdom.