British Pakistani Christian Association

St. Andrew's mission support for the B.P.C.A. began in 2017 after a visit from Wilson Chowdhry the founder and chairman of the charity near the end of 2016

The B.P.C.A. was founded seven years ago to support Pakistani Christians in several Asian countries but especially in Pakistan and also in the UK.

The recently released World Watch List 2017, produced by Open Doors has shown that Pakistan has unfortunately moved up to fourth place for how badly Christians are treated. In 2015 Pakistan had ranked at number 8 and last year they rose to 6th. Now. Currently, only North Korea, Somalia and Afghanistan, were worse for Christians, but Pakistan is considered to have the most incidents against Christians overall of any of the nations listed.

"This gives an idea of the increasing severity of the situation in Pakistan for Christians, and why the UK government should give far more consideration to the reality in both funding aid and dealing with Christian asylum seekers who manage to escape, or who do not want to return because of the threat after studying here and so on. In addition, it shows the reality on the ground is still worsening, despite some tentative and fragile actions by the authorities that are sometimes claimed as small signs of hope."

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